Our Technology

Wellness and Health based in Information and Technology

As medical technology surges forward with unprecedented speed and accuracy, many of us are left in the ensuing dust storm of obsolete procedures that were commonplace mere decades ago. Usually, a medical advance comes from years of high budget research. Sometimes it’s sheer accident. And sometimes, a small team of pioneers will step forward with a truly innovative discovery. Over 10 years in researching and developing, ChiScan has been an instrument of designing Physical Medicine Technology that shape the future of Electronics for Microbiology, Electro-antibiotics, Decontamination, Sterilization, Therapeutics and Bio-Energy Signatures.

ChiScan has developed a method to study physical medicine using microbiology and massively parallel experiments. This allows research to be performed on statistically very significant sample sizes in a way that is easy to replicate. Test arrays produce a variety of fields or energy forms such as electric fields, magnetic fields, RF fields, cold atmospheric plasmas, and various wavelengths of light. For any given microorganism, an array of tests can be performed in a reasonable time to determine which frequencies and modulation methods affect it and what kind of field it’s susceptible to.

Thanks to the low cost modern electronics (such as digital control and processing power), it is now feasible to perform high quality microbiological studies to establish a scientific foundation for physical medicine playground that is up to world scientific standards.